A Size For Every Appetite!

Squeeze – 4 oz.

Italian Ice – $3.50

Gelato – $4.00

Smidge – 8 oz.

Italian Ice – $4.50

Gelato – $5.00

Middie – 10 oz.

Italian Ice – $4.75

Strato – $5.00

Gelato – $5.25

Mighty – 13 oz.

Italian Ice – $5.25

Strato – $5.50

Gelato – $5.75

Sammies / Joy-O


Sammies – $4.50

Joy-O – $3.50

Italian Ice – Light & Flavorful

Dairy-free, fat-free, and delicious! Our Italian Ice is a creamy blend of inviting flavors with a smooth texture and it is always sure to please the sweet tooth.

Agave Chocolate (Sugar-Free)
Sugar Free Tangerine
Sugar Free Lemon
Tutti Fruitti
Blue Raspberry
Root Beer
Cotton Candy
Iced Coffee
Georgia Peach
Sweet Tea
Strawberry Lemonade

Gelato & Cream Ice – Smooth & Decadent

Our Gelato is a low-fat dairy option slow-churned for a dense, intense full flavor. Several options with frozen fruits or your favorite candy, cookie pieces, or both!

Creme n Cookies
Caramel Chocolatey Pretzel
Brownie Bite
Brookie Dough
Black Raspberry Chip
Birthday Cake
Dipped Strawberry
Oatmeal Scotchie
Chocolate Cookie Craze
Kitchen Sink
Cookie Butter n Jelly
Blueberry Crumble
Strawberry Lemon Poppyseed
Chocolate Cream Pie
Banana Split
Strawberries n Creme
Mint Chip Cream
Coconut Cream
Cappuccino Chip
Banana Cream
Peaches n Cream

Can’t decide between
Italian Ice and Gelato?

Get the best of both worlds and layer them up with a STRATO! Mix your favorite flavors for the perfect Strato! Layer up different Italian Ice flavors for a refreshing treat or make it a bit more decadent by adding some rich and creamy Gelato!

What’s better than Gelato?
Gelato nestled between two cookies!

Choose between a Sammie or a Joy-O! Our Sammie includes your choice of chocolate chip, sugar, or chocolate fudge cookie loaded with our fancy flavored Gelato. Our Joy-O features 2 Oreo wafer cookies packed with our simply perfect vanilla Gelato.

Please note: While we will always do our best to keep this page as up-to-date as possible, flavors are always subject to change based on daily popularity, etc.

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